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This college football season is getting ridiculous. I’ve never watched so many high-ranked teams struggle against mediocre opponents. I can’t tell you how steamed I am that Oklahoma can’t get it together, because I think they’ve got the talent and the coaching. But, put them on the field and the play down to their competition. I’ve watched four games this year where OU let a team hang around or won the game in the last 2 minutes. And don’t get me started on Texas. I think they’ve got one of the most talented teams in the country, but they don’t play hard. That’s a coaching problem – plain & simple.

Big Kev’s College Top 5 (Last Week’s Top 5)


Virginia Tech

Ohio State


Florida State

Rounding out the top ten in order are: Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Texas, NC State, Georgia.

It’s time for the “Red River Shootout” and both teams limp into Dallas for a showdown. Texas has more talent, but can’t seem to use it on the field. OU has better coaching, and it’s saved them a couple of times this year. That being said, the “major” polls (those other than the Big Kev Top 5) rank Texas and OU at #2 and #3, depending on the poll. Even though I don’t think these two are top 5 teams, I do think this will be a heck of a game. It will be decided late, but OU beats Texas and Texas fans decide Mack Brown has to go at the end of the year.

Florida State/Miami:
When I was at FSU, this was the one “blood” game of the year. Yeah, UF was important, but FSU was beating the Gators every year while Miami was knocking FSU out of the National Championship. Twice during my years there, FSU got derailed by the Hurricanes. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little revenge? Unfortunately, FSU may not have the tools on defense this year to stop the Hurricanes and –even though I hate to say it — Miami is a better team than the ‘Noles. I’ll be rooting for an FSU victory, but don’t be shocked if Miami wins it and leads most of the second half.

Other Predictions:
Virginia Tech over Boston College
Oregon over UCLA
Ohio State over San Jose State
Notre Dame over Pitt
Michigan over Penn State
Air Force over BYU
Georgia over Tennessee
Kentucky over South Carolina
Florida over LSU

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  1. It’s not like I don’t understand, but man you have garnet and gold colored glasses on. An FSU squad that barely got it done against ISU (and should’ve lost according to instant replay) — and didn’t get it done against Louisville — over two (still, although not next weekend) undefeated Oklahoma and Texas teams? Uhhhhmmmm…no. 🙂 But I do agree with you that we play down to our competition. The sad thing is, I think our coaches are the only ones that realize the kids are doing that.

  2. OK, fair enough that I see it that “my way”, but let’s not look past the more dominant factors in FSU’s season.

    My case, in brief:

    1) FSU @ Iowa State
    ISU has shown that it is a top 15 quality team and headed for the Big XII title game. Maybe even a BCS game. Hard to say. FSU won at the end against this tough squad in their FIRST GAME of the year in AUGUST. Every college team looks rough that early – especially on the road. There’s no training camps or the like. FSU did get dinged in the polls – falling from 2/3 to 4/5. In my book, this early victory puts them in at #3 so far.

    2) FSU v Virginia
    FSU goes out and blasts a conference foe 40-19. This is the same UVA team that beat a #19 South Carolina team.

    3) FSU @ Maryland
    FSU smacks around Maryland at College Park for a 37-10 win. This is the same Maryland team that was a consensus top 20 team. Another conference victory.

    4) FSU v Duke
    FSU destroys the weakling of the ACC in a homecoming conference game, 48-17. FSU runs it up early and the 3rd string takes over in the 2nd quarter.

    5) FSU @ Louisville
    With the remants of a hurricane blowing through and 3+ inches of rain during the game, FSU slogs through the rain to lose a wet ball in OT. Not to Sister Mary U, but to a UL team that had been ranked in the top 20 (#18). Under any other circumstances (even 2″ of rain!), FSU wins this game.

    6) FSU v Clemson
    The same Clemson team that took #6 Georgia to the buzzer gets a second-half spanking from the ‘Noles. FSU wins another conference game, 48-31, while switching quarterbacks throughout to tune up for Miami.

    There’s FSU’s case. Now, let’s look at the other teams ahead/behind in the BIG KEV TOP 5:
    Miami – no question #1

    Va. Tech – This team has run it up on everybody and plays incredible D. While previously disrespected by the major polls, they have been in the BKT5 for weeks. This week, ESPN moves them to number 4.

    Ohio State – This is a team that I have trouble watching. They play a good offense and a good defense. They blast people off the ball on both O-line and D-line, but are they playing quality opponents?? They blasted Wash.State and that counts for something. Their Big X schedule has brought the softies in early, but they’re still the class of the conference.

    Oregon – I hate Pac10 teams. It’s hard to argue against Oregon, because they just dominate their ballgames. Ontarrio Smith is the real deal in their offense. Their Miss.State win and Fresno State win are good victories against quality talent. Haven’t seen too many teams that could stop them yet.

    FSU – OK. You don’t like this spot for them. But look up and look down. FSU struggles against any team above them. Any team below them struggles to keep up to FSU.

    Oklahoma – Will the real OU please stand up? I thought OU was #1 going into the season. Were it not for great coaching, is 2-3 this year. The coaches completely saved the Tulsa game by changing the offense on the fly. The coaches saved the ‘Bama game by changing the blitz packages and the cover schemes in the 4th quarter. The coaches saved the game at Mizzou by going “off the page” to grab a late TD and 2 pt-er. OU beat USF soundly. The UTEP game shouldn’t count because they’re hardly Division 1 caliber, but OU schedules softies.

    Notre Dame – Surprise of the year. They’ve been in the mix all season. They could be headed to a BCS bowl, but Notre Dame is honestly 1 season away from competing with any of the above teams. A date with Air Force (don’t laugh) and FSU should expose the Irish later this season.

    Texas – Great talent. Horrible coaching. This team is never ready for any ballgame. UT deserved to lose against North Texas and barely beat a sorry Okie.State team. But, the view down from here is a big drop off. With the exception of **maybe** NC State, no one below UT could touch UT.

    NC State – Best team you’ve never heard of. They have two more tests to pass: Clemson and FSU. If FSU is struggling late in the season, NC State could win the ACC outright and go undefeated. Look for NC State to move up beyond their current ESPN #11 ranking.

    Again, this could be debate ad infinitum, but that’s what sports radio is for. Right??

    Let’s just hope for a great Bucs game today and be thankful for the rebirth of the Bucs D.


  3. One of these teams is doing his own thing. C’mon can you tell which one? Can you guess which team is doing his own thing? Guess before my song is done. (“Wide…LEFT?!?”) And now my song is done…

    But OU wins. I expect to see the Sooners logo up on this poll tomorrow. I will settle for NOTHING less… 😉 Sorry ’bout the loss — we were cheering you on ’til the final second. Literally. What a heartbreaker!

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