“Wait and the threat will grow…”

“Wait and the threat will grow; strike and the threat may be used.”

These are the dangerously prophetic words of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a Euro-based group that attempts to relate the military strength of countries worldwide. In their latest report, the IISS makes the following conclusions about Iraq:

  • Iraq has no nuclear weapons but could build one quickly if it acquired sufficient fissile material.
  • It has extensive biological weapons capabilities and a smaller chemical weapons stockpile.
  • It has a small force of ballistic missiles with a range of 650km, that are capable of delivering CBW warheads, and has prepared other delivery methods for CBW, including manned aircraft and UAVs.

    So, if you’re scoring at home, friendly Saddam can a) make a nuke in months if he can get some fissle from say…former Soviet union, Euro black market, etc, b)has a boatload of biological & chemical weapons that can be used on friends & enemies or delivered to…I don’t know…terrorists, maybe? and c) Iraq has the missiles to threaten his Middle Eastern neighbors, US allies Turkey & Israel, and he has some new toys like Unmanned Planes that can be loaded up with chemical weapons and just crashed into any old town.

    The IISS also reports that Iraq would have created dozens of nuclear devices within 6 years had the Gulf War not hampered their abilities. Let’s see, inspectors have been out of Iraq for almost five years so that gives us…not a lot of time, people.

    Crikey, Iraq can make a nuclear weapon within months if it did (or has??) obtained fissle material! C’mon, think about it…Saddam with a bomb.

    What in the hell does the UN want to hear?! Saddam cheats on his taxes?! It will cost us American lives and (unfortunately) many of them. But the IISS is right, either you fix the problem now, or you face the threat of Saddam having nuclear weapons very soon.

    Still have doubts? Scenario: Saddam has one nuclear bomb. He puts it on a truck and goes from Iraq to Jordan (open border). Iraqi agents in Jordan package and conceal bomb for transport. Concealed bomb leaves Jordan and goes to (pick your poison) Palestine for use on Israel or Syria for ship transport to (pick your poison) US eastern shore, Britain, or Europe.