This week’s picks

Here’s a rundown of college football picks. If you want the spreads, check the USA Today website.

  1. FSU @ Maryland: Even if it were a 20+ spread, I’d still take the ‘Noles. But, lucky for me, it’s FSU is only a 20 point favorite. FSU in a rout.
  2. Texas @ UNC: With a 13.5 spread, I think Texas wins but fails (yet again) to cover. Give me UNC plus 13.5.
  3. Michigan @ Notre Dame: I’m not an Notre Dame fan and the general rule is to never bet a Notre Dame game. (They’re fans are diehards and bet ND regardless. That tilts the spread and is more a strength of their fans vs. a strength of their team thing.) But I’ve watched every ND game this season and their defense is pretty dog-gone good. Michigan is favored by 5.5, but I’m going take a risky one here. Bet Notre Dame plus 5.5.

Those are my picks coming into the week. Somehow the sterling record is still intact at 6-0. We’ll see how I do after tomorrow!