This week in Fooz-ball

Yeah, fooz-ball is the devil, but DAMN if it’s not a great weekend to be a college football fan. Well, there are two games worth watching, and a lot of “hey, x state is actually on tv” games. Here’s the skinny on the biggies:

1) Is there any way that Miami and Florida can BOTH lose?? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! But, since it can only happen through my Garnet & Gold tinted glasses, I guess I’ll be rooting for whoever scores first. I don’t care who, just someone score and then run it up. 70-14 would be perfect. Then, whomever storms (hint) into FSU’s schedule as the higher ranked team gets a hong-kong-fooey right to the kneecap. :wink For all you “players”, UF is +2.5. Anytime Miami gets points, take ’em.

2) Robyn, Barry, & company – take notice: Let me be the first to warn you about ‘ol Coach Fran and the defense at ‘Bama. If the OU offense doesn’t get it together, you might be in for a big disappointment. I suspect that the crew in Tampa & all the Okies will scream at their TV’s enough to get OU in gear. I’m thinking the Sooners get that wagon back on track instead of being all “Dukes of Hazard” -y up on one wheel. Still OU is +12.5 vs. a stingy ‘Bama. OU wins, but Stoopsy doesn’t cover in a surprisingly good game. So, bet ‘Bama.

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  1. Definitely stocking up on Tums tomorrow! And cheering for the Gators — if we win and Miami tumbles, “Whoa Nelly!” This…is why we watch.

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