Redemption for you sinners!

Are you a sinner? Do you live with sin? Does it scorch your heart to know that you are a sinner?

Now, I’m not talking about your everyday, it’s listed in the Bible, God called and he’s seriously P-O’d sin. No, sir. I’m not qualified to handle that. I suggest you call Mr. Jonas Nightingale for that!

I’m talking about you evil-doers who think, “Oh, I’ll just check in on Kevin’s blog once a week or so. Probably nothing new to see there anyway. Heck, Merrin never updates hers!”

That’s right. Raise your hand, mister “I don’t like to spend a lot of time online”. SALVATION CAN BE YOURS!

Now you can SUBSCRIBE to and get all the days “news” (note: term used loosely) right in your email. YAHOOTIE!

“Please, Rev. Kev, tell us how to find salvation!” OK. I will.

Scroll down and find the “SUBSCRIBE” box over on the side. Enter your email address and (((insert heavenly trumpet fanfare here))) my piping hot thoughts will be delivered straight to your email. What’s in it for you, well – if I don’t post anything on the website, you don’t have to “waste” a visit and you won’t get an email that day either!

Now, go get saved and by all means – please don’t pee in the holy water.

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