No shit?!

Randy Moss says, “I was treated badly.

No shit, Randy?! You mean you ran you car into a traffic officer who ordered you to stop…and the police had the nerve to treat you badly?! Gee whiz! What is this world coming to when you can’t run someone down with your car and not be treated respectfully?! And how ’bout the weed in your car, El Moss-bo?

Of course, Randy just walked out jail whistling (I shit you not, read the article) and claiming he was “treated badly.” Of course he was…poor Randy. Maybe he’ll feel better by reading his agent’s quote: “The lady, who’s not even a police officer, stood in front of his car, blowing her whistle and waving her hands,” DiTrapano said. “He was confused about what she wanted him to do. Then she turned around, sat on top of his car and fell to the ground.”

Right, dude. Go sell crazy somewhere else, you arrogant loser.

Surely something will happen to El Moss-bo, right? I mean, he’ll miss a game or something, right? Of course not, Randy Moss will still be in the starting lineup for the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Besides, he’s only charged with 2 or 3 misdemeanors. He wasn’t going fast enough to get a felony charge. Oh, OK. It’s all crystal clear to me now. I mean, heck, he didn’t kill anybody or anything! Then again, maybe he wouldn’t get suspended for that either. Hmph!

The attitude of some people in this world that think they’re owed something because of who they are or what they do makes me sick. You want respect? Give it. You want to be treated well? Treat others well. You want to be someone’s hero? Earn it, dude.

Gimme a break. Idiot.