Labor Day

Man, I love the Monday holiday. It makes the rest of the week just fly by. If there’s one downfall it’s the Friday before the holiday weekend. Tell me if this happens in your office:

Everybody comes into work and (in hockey terms) skates a penalty kill. Just kinda works enough to seem busy. As noon approaches, everyone starts talking about getting out of work early.

Do you have that at work? Yeah, I thought you did. My boss did the awesome thing and let everyone out at 2:00p. So, needless to say the wife was surprised when I was home early!

We went on a date Friday night. Just a little Italian food and ~plans~ for a movie. We were going to see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, which has gotten awesome reviews. I say we “were” going to see it because we didn’t. In between dinner and the movie was a little detour we like to call Best Buy. Merrin saw the new “Super Mario Sunshine” for the Gamecube and I knew our night was pretty much done. Not that I mind — not at all. Merrin never buys games and loves Mario, so I had no problem in calling it a night and heading home to watch Mario. (I say “watch” because I never got to play it. Are you kidding? Merrin would have gone in to a seizure before she gave up the controller! :smile)

Saturday and Sunday were spent with my two passions: Merrin & the fooz-ball. And that bring us to today: Labor Day. Merrin’s working (:sad) and I’ve got the whole place to myself!

Hope you all had a wonderful & safe holiday weekend! I’m off to watch some TIVO of fooz-ball and do some internet work for DunScot and WinsAll.