If you haven’t seen ESPN’s new Beg, Borrow, & Deal reality show, you’ve got to set an appointment because it is GREATNESS.

How do I describe it?? Hmm. Think Amazing Race combined with MTV’s Road Rules, with a hint of Survivor mixed in. In a word: GREATNESS. Allow me to explain. Two teams start in NYC with no money, no clothes, no phones, no toothbrushes, no resources…((jingle)) not a single luxury((jingle)). Their mission: Get from NYC to Alcatraz Island on the kindness of strangers in 30 days. Along the way, accomplish 10 sports related tasks from a list of 40 – and none are simple.

The teams can never accept or handle money. They must travel together and they must rest 6 hours of every day. They cannot represent themselves as being associated with ESPN in any way. No teams, stadiums, etc are told about the “missions” in any way.

Now, begging is encouraged, so there’s a 12-hour rule. You can accept non-monetary assistance from any person. But you can only use the help for 12 hours – then it must be disposed of. So, if someone gives you their car, you can go for 12 hours. No further. And, a person or group can only help you once. OUCH!

Seriously, go watch this show. (Show Schedule)

For more info, visit the website.

(Did I mention that it’s GREATNESS?!) :wink