Further proof that the North is wrong

OK, smartypants! This is a map of:

  1. economic development since 1990
  2. Republican support growth since 1992
  3. NRA membership study
  4. something else

The correct answer? This is a “scientific” study of what words Americans use to refer to soft drinks. The green represents it “pop”, blue is for “soda” and red represents “Coke”.

Having grown up in the south, I’ve always referred to any soft drink as Coke. Even here in Texas (where the state-wide soft drink of choice is Dr. Pepper) we still call every soft drink a “Coke”. Anything else just sounds silly. The downside of this is when I travel, I invariably end up drinking a lot of Coke. (“What would you like to drink?” “I’ll have a Coke.” Damn, they brought me a Coke. I wanted a Dr. Pepper!) The only exceptions to the rule are 7-Up and Sprite, which we call “7-Up” and “Sprite”. Clever, huh?

Click here for more from the study. Better yet, tell them what you call Coke. (First spotted on CNN)

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  1. When I first moved from the East (Soda, “Soda Water”, or sometimes “Soft Drinks”) to Oklahoma, I was entertained when other kids went to a restaurant and asked “what kind of Cokes do you all have?”

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