FSU #5 and BIG KEV top 10

Quick look at the major polls:

ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll

1) Miami (58 first place votes)
2) Texas (2)
3) Oklahoma
4) Tennessee
5) Florida State

AP Poll

1) Miami (68 first place votes)
2) Oklahoma (3)
3) Texas (3)
4) Tennessee
5) Florida State

OK. What gives?? Will someone please explain to me how an Oklahoma team that secures a win versus an unranked opponent in the final seconds of a game deserves to be #2 or #3?? OU barely survived their first two quarters with Tulsa, for cryin’ out loud. Granted, they played better defense in the second half, but it was freakin’ Tulsa!

And, while I’m at it, how does a Texas team that couldn’t score a single point in the last two quarters against North Texas deserve to be #2 or #3??

These two good Big XII teams deserve top 10 rankings, but can we please get off the Big XII bias?! I’ve watched at least the first or second half of every game that the top 10 teams have played.

Here’s the BIG KEV TOP 10:

1) Miami
2) Tennessee
3) Florida State
4) Michigan
5)Ohio State
6) Oklahoma
7) Va. Tech
8) Nebraska
9) Texas
10) Florida

And, for my teams to watch, give me Washington, Georgia (if they show up vs. SC) and Michigan State.


For those of you who doubt my picks, you might want to refer back to the stellar record I’ve got running this year: 6 big game picks and 6 wins.

Keep checking back and I’ll update the BIG KEV TOP 10 each week.