FSU 40, Virginia 19

Five things I think I think about the game:

1) Whoever’s in charge at ABC needs to take a serious look at making FSU a national broadcast every time they carry the game. This regional crap, showing it on the east coast AND the west coast, but not in the midwest is c-r-a-p. Needless to say, ABC treated me like their new prison cellmate and I coughed up the PPV money.

2) Ever watch a college game on PPV? Let me tell you the two top things about it: #1: The announcers are “on the air” up to a half hour before their broadcast is picked up. Ever listen to two idiots “warm up” in the booth? They’re describing the band, making calls on their cellphones, checking out the cheerleaders, complaining about not having enough to drink, etc. etc. Totally mind-numbing. But it’s almost worth it to hear them say, “Damnit, I told you bastards that I’m supposed to have 3 bottled waters! Not 2! Three!” (Priceless)
and #2: You get to watch the pregame show. Not the ABC stuff, but the bands, the cheerleaders, the coin toss, the National Anthem, and –most importantly– Chief Osceola and Renegade riding out to midfield to plant the spear. AWESOME!

3) FSU’s offensive line is the best in the country. Period…end of discussion. I’ve watched Oklahama, Florida, FSU, Va. Tech, Miami, Ohio State, Tennesee, Michigan, Washington, Notre Dame, Maryland, Georgia, Clemson, Washington State, Iowa State, Texas, LSU, Nebraska and a bunch of other schools this year. FSU has the best O-line far and away. This team can run the ball and give the QB a month to throw.

4) If I could sign one player off FSU’s team to go play in the NFL right now, it would be RB Greg Jones. 6′ and 250 lbs…are you kidding me?? The guy looks like one of those snowballs in the cartoons! He’s a load. And quick. The announcers said he has sub 4.4 speed and GREAT lateral movement. Haven’t seem him catch the ball much, but if you give it to him, he’s gonna get 5 yards guaranteed and maybe 30+. What a stud!

5) FSU’s first team played for two quarters. The score at halftime? I think it was 33-0. They just dominated on offense, defense, and special teams. The second team was pretty good, but gave up some stupid points at the end of the game. The biggest weakness in the FSU game right now is the same as it ever was: penalties. It amazes me that St. Bobby doesn’t do more to get this team disciplined. I know they like the kids playing right at the cusp, but to have 10 or more penalties every game is absurd. The real concern for me is that most of the penalties seem to be on offense, so it’s two steps forward one step back. I can’t tell you how many times Greg Jones would bust a 20+ yard run to have it brought back 12 yards or so for holding. C’mon coaches, let’s get this fixed!

Those of you looking for a weekend vacation should make plans now. FSU is off until September 14th, when they play Maryland and their coach, The Michelin Man. Seriously, they have a segment on his coaches show where they “weigh in” and some alumni give $500 for every pound he’s lost. Anyway, the game versus Shamu and his kids is on ESPN, Sept. 14th @ 7:30p Eastern.