September 2002


Congratulations to Brian & Courtney!!Tonight’s the night that I found out that I am going to be an uncle. Imagine that – me…an uncle. Sure, I’ve been called a “monkey’s

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No shit?!

Randy Moss says, “I was treated badly.” No shit, Randy?! You mean you ran you car into a traffic officer who ordered you to stop…and the police had the nerve

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My 911 call

Add this to the list of things I love about living in Texas:When I first moved to Texas I thought it was just marketing that the police and the sheriff

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I saw this on The Screen Savers this afternoon and thought it was awesome! The “Site of the Night” was offers older (legacy) versions of some of the Read More »

I’m a lucky guy

Actual quote from“Primal, animal rage pulsing through each of them….”That comes after spending our first Saturday night together in months. Yeah, I’m a lucky guy. :devil :grin

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I see!

“I see!” said the blind man.Boy, back in elementary school, that was the punchline to some seriously funny jokes. Today, it’s just months away from becoming a reality.Researchers with Sandia

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FSU 48, Duke 17

FSU took care of business and dominated in front of the home crowd. With over 510 yards in offense, the ‘Noles showed their getting it cranked up for an ESPN

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