You mean I know all that?

So yesterday was build it up and strip it down. Moveable Type thought it’s dinosaur kung-fu was strong, but it was no match for my sabre-tooth tai chi. :wink

Or, for those who prefer English: I installed Moveable Type, imported all the old weblogs without a hitch, and got the design styles working in IE, Mozilla, Netscape, and WebTV. (Note: That was kind of a bitch. I suspect that trying to skin a badger or win a porcupine tossing contest would have been simpler.) Then, since Merrin was none to impressed that Moveable Type pretty much looked & acted the same as the old Greymatter (“I like the old way.” — :mad), I set out to show off some of the power of PHP scripting.

Well, I perhaps “set out to show off the power of PHP scripting” is a little bit of a leap – at least chronologically. I actually set off to learn the power of PHP scripting then I tried to show off the power. So it was off to all the PHP message boards to learn how to manipulate cookies and “skin” a website. Once that was done, I had to find a couple of graphics so I visited umpteen sites and found the fine work of the GroovyLizard. I downloaded some graphic templates, ran them through the blender, and hit “FRAPPE”. I tossed in some original graphics and some a lot hand coding in PHP and HTML and whoala – Merrin’s site is skinned. Well, it has one skin so far, the second & third should be there today – if I have time.

For those of you who have walked this Moveable Type road before me, I thank you for having the foresight to post about your migrations on your weblogs. I read a few and they were helpful – at least I knew I wasn’t alone in staring blankly at a screen full of script calls! :tongue

The first fruits of my efforts can be seen over @ the wifey’s place. Enjoy!