Yes, extremely well!

OK, so I’ve got a lot of emails and phone calls asking how the big Friday sales pitch & site tour went. In a word: outstanding. I immediately jumped to the front of the line and –according to the contact– I will be the sole recommendation to the board.

(On a side note: I love corporate America. With that, I hate companies that don’t empower the people they ask to live with the consequences of a decision to actually make the decision. What’s with all this PC, weak-knees, “board decision” crap? I mean, I knew this going into this bid, but I could’ve had a signed agreement Friday night – now I have to wait for the final board to OK her recommendation. But, I digress….)

I have to submit my full written proposal tomorrow, so I’ll be working on that f-‘er all morning. I will know FOR SURE if I got the bid on October 10th when the board reviews their contracts for 2003-2004. Yeah, you heard that right, 2 years. That’s double the fun, kiddies!!

Funny story: One of the AWESOME ladies from my sales team calls me Sat. morning and says, “I thought you were going to be out at the resort today. What happened? Is it bad?” I had to explain to her that everything was FANTASTIC and that my strongest weakness (I love oxymorons!) is that I don’t know when to shut-up. It’s an art that I have recently dallied with and I’m getting better, but salespeople are notorious for not being able to endure silence. We HAVE to say something. But not me, not this time. Things went so well Friday (heck I was there from 7:00a – 10:15p) that there was nothing that needed to be said on Saturday. Period. I was done with my presentation and the client was ready to sign – except that she couldn’t. (Did I mention that I was frustrated by that, already? Just checking.) Mission accomplished.

Finally, I want to thank you all for your good luck comments, emails, and phone calls. I appreciate it.