Today is *THE* Day

I’m off to do my job and do it better than anyone else could ever imagine. This will be the performance of a lifetime, or — at least — the performance of my lifetime (so far).

Today is one of those days that all salespeople dream about: the big one. Not just the big one, the REALLY big one. The kind that people take you out for drinks to celebrate. The kind where you show up to the bar and everyone is there. The whole place goes nuts when you walk in. REALLY BIG SALES.

Of course, this is also the day after the night I couldn’t sleep because I knew that today was the big one. But that’s only half the fun! It’s like Christmas, but so much better.

Please don’t “wish me luck.” When you do what I do for a living, you can’t afford to rely on luck. You gotta be good and you gotta make your own luck. You’ve got to be a rainmaker. If you work really hard, you may get 1-2 chances A YEAR to make a huge impact.

Today is my day – from start to finish – almost 12 months in the making. When the dust settles and the smoke clears, it’ll just be me and freshly signed piece of paper.

So as you stop by today, know that I’m out there doing my thing – shakin’ my moneymaker. I’m making the rain.

Live from Fort Worth, this is Elvis. I’m outta here!

((curl lip)) Uh, thank ya very much!

5 thoughts on “Today is *THE* Day”

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  2. 1) Thanks for the love, Robyn. If you’re not a loyal subject of Robyn’s, what are you waiting for? GO THERE. Also for Robyn, maybe I’ll wear a Crimson & Cream tie today. (Except that the Crimson is a little darker and looks like Garnet. Oh, and the cream – it looks a lot like gold.) Who loves ya? :wink

    2) Please don’t email me and ask me what account it is. I know that little trick, you rascally wabbits! Besides, if I say the name…. And yes, you can rest assured it’s not Vold…he who must not be named!

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