Sick to my stomach

You know that feeling you get when you know something is going to just ruin your day? Like when you take your car in for an oil change and you just know they’re going to tell you that you need a new engine?

I feel that way right this very minute. In fact, I feel like I need a little Greenday in the background to try to make my loss bearable. The beloved, living room Tivo is sick. I’ve been working to try to make it better, but the waiting is killing me. We had a brownout today for like 1 second. Tivo decided it didn’t want to wake up after that. (See, Dad, I told you Tivos need UPSs.)

Well, I’ve gone through the diagnostics and it *may* only be a failed hard drive. I went out and bought a 80GB at Frys tonight and we’ll see if that perks the little Tivo man up or not.

Meanwhile, the office Tivo is doing double duty in the living room with – I might add – a shiny new battery backup there on guard. Let’s all say an extra prayer for the brave little living room Tivo.

I know you will all be glued to your seats, so I’ll post something as soon as we know anything. (sniff, sniff)