Please don’t say manana if you don’t mean it….

OK. Hopefully you won’t notice a big change over the weekend. Some of you with an acute sense of the internet may notice a change, but –if I’ve done my job correctly– you won’t notice a thing. Tomorrow is the day the site moves from Greymatter to Moveable Type. Once we’re converted, I’ll post more about why I moved to MT and what challenges I uncovered.

In short, we’re going to have a lot more arrows in our quiver with the Moveable Type. Plain and simple. It makes it very simple to accomplish some of the things I’ve been racking my little brain with in trying to bend Greymatter to my will.

So, if you stop by (say…tomorrow morning) and everything’s a little off kilter for an hour, you’ll know that we’re just minutes away from the big move!