I still crack up at this old joke!

This prank cracks me up every time I see someone do it. I don’t know why, because it’s incredible pointless and dumb, but so are most things on a college campus, aren’t they? This one takes me back to some of the stupid sh*t we used to do @ FSU in the early 90’s.

In Photo 1, you can see the Westcott Fountain at the main gate to the FSU campus. Someone has put soap in it so, it’s Tuesday morning bubble fun!

Now, in a brilliant stroke of luck, it just so happens that the university’s own webcam actually caught the guy doing it.

Note to guy: It only takes on picture an hour, dude. Get a watch, OK?

If you would like to sneek a peek on campus, FSU has several cameras in place where you can check out the young hotties minds eager to learn and live free. Link: Live Cameras at Florida State University