FSU Glory bound?

Looks like the experts have all returned to the tribe, so to speak. ESPN has just released it’s experts’ predictions for the 2002 Bowl Championship Series. Almost every “expert” says FSU is heading to the Fiesta Bowl for the National Championship.

ESPN has also started the Power 16 rankings, which are supposed to be the wire-to-wire equivalents of the BCS.

Oh, did I mention that the experts picked FSU as destined for the national title game? What else would you expect of #2?

First game of the season is THIS SATURDAY. Set your TiVo and don’t miss a second!!

Can’t wait ’till Saturday? The Marching Chiefs have the 2002 music queued up and ready to roll on MP3.


1 thought on “FSU Glory bound?”

  1. Did you catch ESPN’s College Game Day tonight? They were breaking down the Fiesta possibilities, and OU vs. FSU stands a really good chance! Six. More. Days!

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