FSU 38, Iowa State 31

Five things I think I think about the game:

1) It was all I could do to keep from biting my fingernails during the second half of this one.

2) FSU has to do a much better job of rushing the QB. Iowa State is, at best, a #15 team in the country…at best. But they took FSU to the last play of the game because FSU did not apply defensive pressure on the ISU passing game. I know it’s the first game of the year, but we expect the defense to play much more inspired football.

3) QB Chris Rix looked amazing. I still can’t get over the fact that he’s just a sophomore! He did make one mistake in telegraphing a curl pattern that lead to an interception, but he made great decisions on routes, stepping up and evading the rush.

4) FSU played a very conservative game. This has always been my gripe about playing the extra “classic” game at the beginning of the year — if you’re not going to take the gloves off, don’t schedule the game. FSU seemed more intent on not showing UVA their game plan for next weekend than they did on winning the game. I understand that you have to be sly sometimes, but in the words of Paul Simon, “You don’t need to be coy, Roy.”

5) St. Bobby looks fantastic. I guess the alumni must have chewed his *ss something fierce this year, because he looks like he’s lost 15 pounds.

I find myself slipping into panic mode early this year in wondering what effect this mediocre performance will have on poll rankings, but it really is the equivalent of a “preseason” game. FSU played well enough to win. They didn’t necessarily look like the #3 team in the country, but they didn’t try to either.

Next Saturday is FSU v. UVA in Tallahassee. The game is part of an ABC regional triple header, so enjoy if it’s in your market. I will not get to watch it on ABC because someone in NY thinks I’d rather watch Missouri lose to heaven knows who. I guess I’ll have to bust out the pay-per-view and spend my $10 to watch it. :tongue