Don’t worry, wear bugspray

So Merrin is totally worried about getting “West Nile”. She’s got your ‘Cutter’, ‘Deep Woods’, and several varieties of ‘OFF’ I didn’t even know they made.

And then there’s me: Merrin, it’s not that big a deal. I read that fewer than 1% of mosquitos exposed to the virus are carriers and fewer than 1% of the bites from those mosquitos will actually cause an infection. Not to mention the fact that – if your immune system is healthy – West Nile is nothing more than a bad cold.

So I was delighted to surf some websites this morning and find this from Medrants and the NY Times.

See, Merrin?! I told you so. You’re not an old lady, kid, person with AIDS, or weakened immune system. So, chill out, dude!