Bucs in Prime Time TONIGHT

Tampa Bay makes it 2002 debut with Jon Gruden at the helm tonight on ESPN @ 7pm Central (that’s 8pm to you folks back east!) The Bucs play the hated Dolphins tonight, so it’ll be interesting to see Gruden’s new offensive gameplan in action against one of the AFC’s better defenses — well, at least for the first 12 plays or however many the starters actually play!

My predictions:
1) Offense will look great. After following the team’s training camp, they definately have some STUDS in the offense. The receiver position is vastly improved. I hated to see FSU alum Warrick Dunn leave town for ATL and I don’t think his replacement is all that proven, but Tampa Bay never was an all-out running team with Warrick so the loss may be more manageable.

2) The defense will be back in 2000 form. Last year’s Bucs looked like they were just coasting mid-field, letting the other teams own the field between the 30’s. Look for that to stop this year.

3) Brad Johnson. Hmmm, he’s a nice passer but he makes poor decisions at times. I think Gruden will shape him up or have him walk the plank.

4) This year’s Tampa Bay cheerleading roster looks to be better than ever. Their not quite the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, but they’ll do in a pinch. Besides, I only watch the games! :wink

5) Tonight – Bucs look very solid on both sides of the ball. I don’t care about the score because – like I said – the first team will only see a few snaps. But I think Gruden does care about the score and will go all out to win. Bucs win and play solid offense, defense, and special teams.

So, if you’re planning on calling to say hello, sell me cable television, or to do a courtesy call on the (insert product here) that we bought, save yourself the frustration and call me tomorrow night. OK?

For those wondering about next week’s game, take a peek at the schedule here courtesy of Buccaneers.com.

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  1. WHAT A GAME! The first string offense looked pretty good except for Brad Johnson, who may be headed to the pine in favor of former Buffalo punching bag Rob Johnson. The defense is back, baby. Pittman showed flashes that Bucs fans won’t be missing Warrick too badly.

    Wow! Gruden Time – I love it!

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