Another Friday, Another Friday Five

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1. What’s your favorite piece of clothing that you currently own?
While some people aren’t big fans of my hawaiian shirts, I am quite fond of them. I’m only “allowed” to wear them at home and at Jimmy’s concerts, so it’s quite a treat to break one out now and then.

2. What piece of clothing do you most want to acquire?
OK, what the hell kind of question is this? I’m a guy! The clothing I would most want to acquire is…I don’t know! Something clean??

3. What piece of clothing can you not bring yourself to get rid of? Why?
I do own some boxers with holes in ’em. :tongue Why don’t I get rid of them? Because no one believes me when they ask what I want for (insert holiday name here) and I say, “Boxers”. So, I can’t get rid of ’em until I replace ’em. Anyone feel like shopping?

4. What piece of clothing do you look your best in?
My wife is a better judge of this than I am, but I think she would agree with me: I look my best in a suit. (Which is convenient, seeing as how I have to wear them every day!)

5. What has been your biggest fashion accident?
First, I didn’t start shopping for myselft until a relatively late age, and I’m not sure who bought it for me, but, do you remember those muscle shirts? Now imagine one with a sorta fish-net/mesh muscle shirt over it. :cry:cry:cry