Wow! So this is NBTA!

Well, day one of NBTA (Sunday) went off without a hitch with a great Starwood client function at the beautiful Log Haven Restaurant. I took a couple of photos, so I’ll get those up once I’m back in Texas. (Look for one of me and a chimp!)

Everything is really HOT in Salt Lake City. It’s been 107, 104, and 105 respectively. Luckily everything is air conditioned and the shuttle from the convention center to the hotel is running on five minute intervals. Seeing lots of clients and friends – and making plenty of new ones on both fronts (I hope!)

On a website note, I notice that the front page is totally FUBAR. No idea why. Looks like something the server restored a very old backup – or perhaps Merrin has been uploading files and FTP’d the wrong one. (If that’s the case Merrin, let’s try to get it fixed ASAP. Even if it’s not, let’s FTP the index.html from the folder back to the WWW directory. OK? Because the server is not going to restore it on its own.)

More later, it’s time to man the trade show booth.