Your car’s “CHECK ENGINE” light

Did you know that most cars built since 1995 have a sensor near the gas cap so that your CHECK ENGINE light will come on if you don’t securely attach the gas cap? It’s one of those little known secrets I learned when reading an owner’s manual. To check it out, I’ve read 6 other owners manuals (all different manufacturers) and it’s the same hidden secret in every one.

So, as a rule, Big Kev the Answer Man says: Tighten your gas cap until it clicks three times. If your CHECK ENGINE light comes on and you’ve had no recent maladies, turn off your car, remove your gas cap and replace (making sure to tighten until the 3 clicks!) If your CHECK ENGINE light does not come on, {{TA-DA}} problem solved.

Otherwise, boogie on down to the mechanic.

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