We’ll miss you, Rosemary

It’s not easy growing up in a small town. The name doesn’t ring a bell with anyone. It’s almost as if your little dot on the map is inconsequential compared to the thousands of other larger spots. But it’s not the same when a superstar is from your hometown. Someone who is instantly recognized around the world – especially when that person never forgot that little hometown. Such is the case with Maysville, KY and the legendary Rosemary Clooney.

Rosemary Clooney died yesterday after a long and difficult battle with lung cancer. Her career in music and movies lasted more than 70 years. While many will remember her music and films (including Big Kev favorite ‘White Christmas’), I will remember her for what she did for my hometown. She made it possible to say, “I’m from Maysville – Rosemary Clooney’s hometown.” And if someone didn’t know who that was – it was a reflection on them, never on us. She won a lifetime Grammy just a while back, but from my perspective she will always be remembered as Maysville’s own superstar.

God bless you, Rosemary. As the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers said, you are “an American musical treasure and one of the best friends a song ever had.” Thanks for the memories and for always looking out for us.