“Top Spots”

There’s a neat little online quiz that is supposed to determine your “ideal” city to live in. You answer about 8 pages of preference questions (ex: Like snow?) and then it finds cities that match your interests. At first I thought, “No way this thing is going to work.” Then I finished the test and dang, this is pretty accurate. Anyway, here’s the suggestions for yours truly:

1) Tampa (Wow. Lived there for a while. How did they know that?)
2) Orlando
3) Fort Worth (Wow! I live there now! How did they know that?!)
4) Charlotte
5) Dallas
6) Chesapeake-Virginia Beach, Virginia
7) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
8) San Antonio, Texas
9) Louisville, Kentucky (Dang! I grew up in KY! How do they know that?!)
10) Nashville, Tennessee

One caveat: I told the quiz that I don’t want to live in the Northeast.

I’m interested in finding out what Merrin’s results will be.