Things that make your go “Hmmm”

Just a few words and a facinating link to a theory regarding the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

On the left, Jose Padilla arrested in Chicago for alledgely planning to detonate a dirty bomb. On the right, a composite sketch of the man known as OKC’s John Doe #2. Do we need to take a closer look at Padilla’s whereabouts in 1995? Would it interest you to know that Terry Nichols (convicted accomplice) was married to a woman named Lana Padilla? Lana Padilla was quoted in a news conference of saying that Nichols was paid in gold by a bearded Islamic man associated with the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, while Nichols was in the Philippines, a known al Qaeda stronghold.

Click here for fascinating set of circumstances involving OKC's John Doe 2 and Jose Padilla.

A John Doe #2 sketch with cap and Jose Padilla with cap.