Am I just being paranoid?

OK. No one is really talking about these two events on the news and you have to really dig through the newspaper even to find a mention of an update, but it makes me kinda nervous.

Airport uniforms for Delta, Vanguard, and Midwest Express were stolen from a Kansas City, Missouri, uniform company on May 4th. Although it’s being portrayed as a low-level threat, you can’t help but notice the people downplaying the event are the FBI.

Also, Mexican authorities are still searching for any sign of a stolen chemical truck carrying 10 tons of cyanide. The truck was stolen along the Texas-Mexico border. If released into the air or simply dumped out of the truck, it could cause “massive deaths”.

Am I paranoid? If I am, at least the beast thing about being paranoid is you’re always the center of attention.

1 thought on “Am I just being paranoid?”

  1. Yes, you are paranoid but what do you expect whe you getting older, I don,t remember what year you and Brian were born in but I think you are close to the terrible 30’s I was checkig to see if you had any pics of your time with Brian and culdn’t resist answering your comments. Take care

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