We must work quickly to save the planet!

I cannot begin to express how incredibly urgent this is. Please read this and DO SOMETHING! We need to act together now to save this planet!

CNN.com had a report today that showed that the Amazon rivers are producing excessive amounts of carbon dioxide. As all Greenpeace wackos and Californians know, carbon dioxide is one of the main reasons that this planet is doomed. I believe if we act know, we can stop this process.

The facts are simple: The Amazon river valley produces 20% of the world’s carbon dioxide. 20%! Scientists say that the rain forest is emitting 2 trillion pounds of carbon dioxide every year! That’s one fifth of all the carbon dioxide emitted worldwide!

Something must be done and I think the solution is obvious: We must take immediate action to eradicate the Amazon river valley and the surrounding tropical forest. Cut it down, pave it under, open a nuclear waste facility, something – but we must act fast!

Once we eliminate the Amazon river and rain forest, we have two courses of action: 1) live free and clean with 20% less carbon dioxide every year, or 2) increase our SUV output to drive down the cost so that everyone can afford a Ford Expedition.

I think you get the message, people. Now go do something!