Spring Break Video

A “girl gone wild at spring break” has won a $5 million judgement against makers of a “too hot for TV video”. Southwest Texas State University student Amber Kulhanek went to spring break in 2000 on South Padre Island for her 21st birthday and ended up taking off her shirt at a wet T-shirt contest in Mexico. Apparently Ms. Kulhanek never signed a consent decree before the video producers used her image in TV commercials and on their website.

What did she think when she flipped on E! television network and saw herself on the commercial? “I was just really shocked and humiliated,” she said. Gee, can’t imagine what her Mom felt!

So, what’s a college student to do with $5 million? Her attorney said she plans to donate part of her judgment to a women’s shelter. Well, at least she won’t have to work at Hooters.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break Video”

  1. I think it’s really sick that Hooters bought an airline.. what’s next?

    Chippendales airline for women?

    I don’t have a single female friend that would fly that, because they would be too embarassed & they aren’t as lowdown & disguesting as men. What is wrong with them???!!!

  2. Um. Yeah.

    Even if that was a good point (and I’m not saying it is, mind you), but what does that have anything to do with this?

    Why not just say you like corn?

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