Please, please, please come back to me!

I am in withdrawal. I miss The Mole. During it’s first season, it was one of the best shows on TV. It was, to coin a phrase, “must-TIVO” television. Season two started last fall and then was unceremoniously pulled without warning just a couple of episodes in. (? 2 maybe?)

Please, please, please ABC — you’ve got nothing. The only time I watch ABC is when college football is on. And I watched The Job once and kinda liked it, but thought it might be better on HBO. You know, more Sopranos, less Spin City. Merrin and I promise to watch at least one crappy show every week you have as long bring back The Mole.

Oh yeah, and while your at it, can you sell The Job to HBO so Dennis Leary can be Dennis Leary?