Just Five More Days!

Brian & Courtney will be here in just five more days! Their plane gets in at about 4:30pm on Friday. Margaritas are scheduled for 4:35pm, so let’s try to be on time, people!

Merrin and I were inspired to do lots of little improvements around the house to impress B & C, but we decided that they wouldn’t notice, so…. We did some small updates around Chez Kev though. I mastered the art of plumbing (yet again) and installed a new sink in the guest bath. Now all the appointments (towel rack, robe hook, tp dispenser, etc) all match in brushed nickel splendor. And yes, the faucet works. Well, the hot water works. The cold water line is stripped and the input and was previously rigged together with ungodly amounts of putty on a compression nut. I gotta figure out how to manage that. I expect we’ll have hot & cold running water in the guest bathroom this weekend, though. (( praying )) Hopefully, there’s an easy fix.

I am working today @ the hotel (yes, on a Sunday). One of the operations managers left the property and his replacement doesn’t transfer in for a few weeks. So, our sales managers are pulling double duty and working Manager on Duty shifts. Hopefully, this means that our operation managers will soon be doing double duty and doing extra sales calls for all of us! HA!