A woman from my hometown has apparently confessed to redefining “inhumane”.

A nurse’s aide (someone who should know a little something about compassion) confessed to hitting a pedestrian with her car. She was high on drugs and alcohol. No big surprise there. The man was thrown onto the hood of her car, breaking both of his legs. The impact was so severe that he crashed headfirst through the windshield, impaling his chest on the glass.

The woman drove her car to her home with the man attached to the windshield. She parked in her garage and closed the door. Over the next 2 days, she made repeated trips to the garage to apologize to the man. He was alive but lodged in the windshield and unable to free himself. He begged her to take him to the hospital. She did not. The man eventually went into shock and bled to death.

After the man died, she enlisted the help of two friends to bundle his body and dump it in a park.

What punishment is enough for this woman? Do we give her a “Texas farewell” and send her to death row? Is that too painless for her? Do we force her to live a long, secluded life in prison to reflect on the monster that lives inside her? I don’t know the answer. I’m still trying to image the depth of inhumanity that would watch a man bleed to death for two days without offering any help.