What the hell is going on?!

Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on with my beloved Buccaneers? Now it seems that Tampa wont hire Marvin Lews after talking with him for 3 weeks. Honestly, I’m OK with jilting Lewis. You don’t hire a defensive guy when you’ve got a great defense and no offense. Can we all just agree that firing Dungy was a bad idea? Just like you don’t quit your job without having a new one lined up, you don’t fire someone without some idea of who your going to get. It used to be my local Cowboys were the only ones who could 3 Stooges there way through the world.

Now the Bucs are rumored to be looking @ New England offensive coordinator Charlie Weis; University of Washington coach Rick Nueheisel; LSU head coach Nick Saban; Texas coach Mack Brown; University of Hawaii coach June Jones; the Steelers’ Mularkey; and any number of current NFL staffers. Just glad I’m not a season ticket holder. This sounds like the beginning of the end for the Bucs for a while.

Oh well, there’s always the Bucs Cheerleaders.