We hear ya, dooce

Heather got fired today because of the personal beliefs she expressing on her website (super huge profanity warning). What’s interesting is that she never, not once, mentioned her company name or the names (she assigned them hilarious pseudo-names) of any employees. She did, however, complain about her co-workers online.

Initially, I got irate. How could they fire her over her website, I thought indignantly. And then, I really started to think about it. If someone is unhappy in their job and complaining about it online, what are the odds that they are the best worker the company has? Pretty slim. But, in her defense, Heather recounts her firing online and says that her employers asked her several questions about the website.

Who’s right and what really happened? Who knows, but I can promise you this, you will NOT hear one negative word about the hotel. Can you get fired for writing about your company online? I don’t know, but I’m not going to set off to find out either.

So, if you’re looking for the country’s number one rated upper-upscale hotel chain, look no further than Westin Hotels & Resorts.

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