I’m SO full!

My date with my wife was mostly a nice dinner together. I say nice in that we could sit down and enjoy being together. Not to be confused with “nice” in the five-star manner. Well, let me back up. We did have a five-star meal, just not at a “Mobil Five-Star” dinner. We had dinner at a five-star local place. The kind of restaurant that everyone in town knows, even though it’s not in town. It’s 20 miles away! Our choice: The Mesquite Pit.

I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t think I’d want to eat at a place with ‘pit’ in the name. What is it, a truck stop?” No. It’s not a truck stop. And, this is Texas. Adding ‘pit’ to a restaurant’s name draws the locals like moths to a flame. And, The Mesquite Pit is the stuff legends are made of. I mean, this place has a Texas roadhouse atmosphere: animal heads, fireplaces, and drinks served in jars. You just don’t find that kind of ambiance at The Mansion. Maybe that’s why the restaurant went from Mobil Five-Star to Mobil Four-Star. I wonder if they just added some taxidermy if they could get that fifth star back?

Long story short, if you’re in the Fort Worth area, try The Mesquite Pit. The place is the pits!!