I don’t like Mike Tyson

I don’t like Mike Tyson, but I do watch his fights. Why? Same reason I slow down at car wrecks and scan CNN, MSBC, and FOX News insistently the minute there’s the slightest tragedy: Like most Americans, I love spectacle.

Mike Tyson is a bad guy. In the great circle of life, he’s lower than the scum on snot. But I’m getting a little disgusted at all the “do-gooders” who are lining up to say, “We don’t want a Mike Tyson fight in our town because it would give us a bad image.” Never mind that their censorship denies law-abiding citizens the right to choose. No, that doesn’t make you look bad. It does, however, make you look as backwards as Nazi book-burners.

It’s so completely ridiculous to hear these people say no to Mike Tyson, but fight to the death if anyone suggests stopping the choir-boys from other pro sports from coming to town. I can just hear ’em, “Drug dealers, prostitutes, child molesters — you’re all welcome. But Mike Tyson, no – he might give us a bad name.”

People, listen: Boxers don’t give your city a bad name. Having double standards and being close minded on the other hand, not sure you want that on your city letterhead.

Get a grip. If you don’t want to watch Mike Tyson, don’t! If you do, fine. Go crazy. Just don’t tell me what I can & can’t watch. (Damn, does that sound like a Texan or what?)