Happy Valentine’s Day!

I used to roll my eyes at the silly, cartoony Valentine’s cards my Dad would buy my Mom. You know the one’s with the little generic cartoon bears where the Dad bear has a little green (maybe?) shirt and the little Mom bear has a little green dress (or –cheesier yet– perhaps an apron)? They always seemed so, hokey.

But, the longer Merrin and I have been together (today is VALENTINES VII) and the longer we’re married, the more the day becomes just a celebration of our lives together. I don’t think I’ll ever be some poet or “Mr. Romance”. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs romance sometimes. But I think we’re both just excited to be together. We both get a treat tonight in a nice night out together. That’s something that both of us cherish.

I just melt when Merrin is near me. I can’t explain it. I just love being with my wife. Anywhere – except, maybe, at Garden Ridge. And Merrin really likes to be publicly fussed over (she wouldn’t admit it!), so I send her flowers @ work. Not because I have to or that’s what other people do, but because it makes Merrin happy.

I guess those cheesy, cartoony bears make my Mom happy, too. Maybe she likes their hokey charm and blushing bear faces. So, you go, Dad. Way to celebrate your lives together.

I got a phone call at work today from a client who said he “forgot to do anything for his wife” so he needed help getting some reservations in the hotel restaurant. And, it got me thinking that this is probably just his way of celebrating their lives together. He knows his wife wants to be taken out & appreciated. And that’s what he’s doing. So I told him honestly, it doesn’t matter what you do – just do something so she’ll always know.

Wherever you might be today, if there’s someone you truly love and truly melt over, celebrate that. If they like going out – go out. If they like staying in – stay in. Just make sure you don’t let the day go by without letting them know you appreciate them.

As for me, I’ll be out with my wife – making a fuss over her in public. And, without a doubt, I’ll be wearing a huge grin. She’ll ask me why I’m smiling and I won’t have a reason. And she’ll smile to and kiss me. She just gets me that way.