Give me a break

OK. Somebody’s got to be kidding here. A Texas Death Row inmate wants prosthetic leg. Yes, I do think inmates should have good medical care, but this is a little ridiculous. (Insert liberal voice here)Why? Doesn’t an inmate deserve a prosthetic leg? No, because he’s scheduled to be executed in about three weeks. Of course this is a waste of money. But the State of Texas can’t just say, “No. You can’t have an artificial leg because we’re going to execute you in about three weeks.” So, in the meantime, they are “monitoring an infection” which prevents him from getting a prosthetic leg.

And, equally ridiculous, a mother in Louisiana is suing Nintendo because her son suffered a fatal stroke while playing a game. I’ve had a Nintendo or Playstation or Atari or whatever for years. Every game you buy has a warning about seizures, so I know that there are warnings. The really ridiculous part? She’s suing for her son’s lost future earnings. Lady, your 30-year old son lived with his mother and played video games “eight hours a day, six days a week”. Is it just me or does anyone doubt there ever would have been lost future earnings for this guy?