What I’m up to today

Not too much, really. I had to stay home from work with a stomach virus (yuck!) and that was no fun. In my “down-time” (to say it politely), I’ve been delusionally searching the internet looking for new design ideas: colors, layouts, etc. I’ve got the notion to jazz up our website and I don’t think Merrin will mind. Actually, I wouldn’t matter if she did — she wouldn’t know how to change it! =)

But changing the website design is easy, right? Well, yes and no. I don’t know exactly what I want to accomplish which is kinda like painting your house without know what color you want to use. You splash a few strokes here, try another color there, and step out to the street to take a peep. And then it hits you: SOMEBODY RUINED MY HOUSE! So, in an effort to avoid the avant-garde, I am actually researching what I might do. Novel concept really. I’ve also heard rumors that electronics come with instructions, but I digress.

Only one must read link today: MAN KILLED AT BACHELOR PARTY. Although I must caution you to check the source: Weekly World News. Hey, it’s got one of the largest circulations in the world so it must be true, right? All I can think is: If you gotta go out, I can think of worse ways!