I can read!

It’s amazing! It’s a miracle! I can read!

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “Haven’t you always been able to read?” Well, yes I have, Mr. Smartypants. But that’s not the point. The incredible, stupendous, hard to imagine fact of the matter is that I have read not one, but two books this year. Hell, it’s only January 25th! At this rate, I’ll have read 24 books this year!

So, why’s reading a big deal? A) My wife runs the bookstore. She brings home these 3-d rectangles full of black ink and -once in a blue moon- actual pictures, and 2) I read a grand total of 0 books. For those of you thinking that I intended a two-digit number and just type poorly, WRONG. I didn’t read a damn thing last year. Yeah, I read some magazines (I “read” the articles!) and I read 3-4 newspapers day, not to mention the hours I spend on the Internet.

This reading is addictive. Merrin actually gave me another book to start tonight! So start checking back here often and watch out – I might just even talk about one of the books I read!