Back with a vengance!

OK, I haven’t written in weeks. So take a deep breath – here we go:

Christmas was excellent. It’s taken me weeks to recover! FL was beautiful and being with everyone was an incredible treat. I spent my Christmas holiday sick, but not so sick that I couldn’t enjoy it. Besides, it wouldn’t be Christmas if everyone wasn’t sneezing, right? One of my many great gifts was a digital camera from my wife, so there are a ton of pictures in the photo album.

Merrin & I went to Epcot as planned. I don’t think we expected it to be 30 degrees, but it did help keep the crowds down. We had the best time. Merrin looked beautiful that day, which was not really a surprise. (Pictures)

After being away from the dogs for a week, we couldn’t wait to see them again. I love coming home after a vacation. Except when I forgot to take the trash out (for 2 weeks). YUCK!

Work has been just fantastic in 2002. I am really running myself ragged (everyone is, really) and it looks like it is finally starting to pay off. Our occupancies are up considerably and everyone around the hotel is glad to see lots of guests.

I’m closing for now, but I’ve got a lot more. Check back tomorrow!