What a Week!

Really, this was a great week. Yes, I know that we had two days of terribly cold weather, sleet and ice. But –seriously– this was a great week.

Lots of big accomplishments at work. I got a couple of contracts that are going to be really important for the hotel. I have a couple of others that should close this week, which makes Monday a torrible neccesary evil.

Saturday was great. SO MUCH FOOTBALL!! YAHOO!! Not to mention the golf. Technically, I’m not supposed to mention golf on these pages because my sore loser brother-in-law gets mad. He should just play better – there’s an idea! Finished some website work for some Donahue Online clients. Watched some more football and spent time with my wife and dogs. Pretty close to perfection!

A big congratulations to my wife: Happy 5 year anniversary with Barnes & Noble. I’m very proud of you, sweatheart. I know you’ve worked very hard to get where you are. I’m proud to be your husband.

And, finally, for all of those who are expecting a Christmas gift from the Donahue’s this year: Please get your Christmas list in to Santa Merrin ASAP. We are about 50% done with shopping, so if you don’t hurry you might end up getting socks or biscotti.

Watch out Monday — I’m coming for ya!