Two Important Links

Here are two dandies for ya!

#1: Did you know Kevin Donahue has been published internationally? Oh yeah. And not some other Kevin Donahue. Me. This guy right here. The one who busted his lip playing little league and sustained a concussion playing freeze tag. Kevin’s letter to the editor was published in the online edition of Egypt’s Al-Ahram Weekly newspaper. My letter was in response to an Egyptian’s letter as to why Americans are so arrogant, especially in “times of need.” I guess they felt my view was worthy of printing. (Click Here)

#2: Have you emailed an American service man/woman? Take a minute and send a few words from home to our troops overseas. Can’t think of anything to say, just stop by and read what others have written. Your message will be sent directly to a servicemember’s email, courtesy of the US military. I posted the link before, so go to my original message. (Click Here)