Windows XP

Well, those of you who had your bets on November 2, 2001, you win. I “broke down” and upgraded our main computer to Windows XP. It is very stable. I had Windows 98SE2 installed previously and it would crash every couple of days with pretty heavy use. After hammering XP very heavily overnight, I can’t image somthing that could make this baby crash.

For those of you considering the upgrade, I have just 3 words: It doesn’t crash. Forget the fact that there really truly isn’t a “killer app” in XP to make you want to upgrade. It doesn’t crash. Period. Now go buy it.

If you are setting up a network connection, let me share my findings real quckily. We have two computers on a peer network sharing a DSL connection. That’s 3 net cards. One to the modem, one to Merrin’s PC, and one back from her’s. With Win98, we used Sygate and it worked magic. The trick to internet connection sharing in XP is “bridging”. Set up one net connection for Broadband (or use the internet wizard), set one net connection to the broadband (enable sharing), and one connection for file/print sharing TCP/IP on the peer card. Poof, bang — connection shared. [Editor’s note: This “simple” configuration took 4 hours to learn and master.]

Golf was beautiful today. Work is going well. Thanksgiving is a few weeks away. No real news. If you need me, I’ll be trying to crash XP.