What’s New Today

Not a whole lot going on at the house this weekend. Merrin wanted me to upgrade her computer to Windows XP (which I resisted), so she bought her own copy and installed it herself. Either 1) My wife is a freaking genius, or 2) Windows XP is relatively simple to install and network, because she finished the install and had her computer networked to mine in less than 10 minutes. For my own personal safety, I’m going with #1: My wife is a freaking genius.

It seems my “favorite” ex-president is at it again (Clinton calls terror a U.S. debt to past — The Washington Times). This man really doesn’t get it. I can’t believe someone would vote for him — twice. This fact flies in the face of my prevoius realization: My wife is a freaking genius.

Some of you might wonder: “Why is so complimentary of Merrin today?” Well, I read this (Click Here) and it made me realize how important it is to tell your wife you love her everyday.

Finally, for Uncle Bill: you might want to stock up on these in Wildcat Blue. Some people really love their team!