“Letters” to our servicemen overseas.

The United States armed forces cannot recieve cards to “any serviceman” this year due to fears of terrorism. Instead, the Pentagon has set up a secure email system that allows anyone to send a message to “any serviceman.” Just pick the branch of the service, type your message and click send.

The story behind the “to any serviceman” cards:
Since 1967, when Sgt. Billy Thompson wrote Abigail Van Buren and mentioned that a wonderful Christmas present to our armed forces would be “just a letter from home,” American citizens have been sending holiday wishes to servicemen and women stationed overseas every holiday season. Dubbed “Operation Dear Abby,” the program has brought holiday joy to hundreds of thousands of U.S. military personnel deployed away from home.

To access the site, visit http://anyservicemember.navy.mil/

13 thoughts on ““Letters” to our servicemen overseas.”

  1. Michael Richardson

    To our Servicemen and Serviceladies.
    Thank you for everything you are doing for your country. I know you hear a few people back here in the States making noise about not going to war. And they are using the freedom to protest that they have. The very freedom you are over there keeping safe. Sorry that the people that show their dislike with what you are over there to do, gets so much press. The papers and News seem to enjoy printing and showing, the ones that are not for what you are doing, instead of the ones standing behind our President. Please know that there are many more American’s that stand behind you and your fellow servicemen and ladies. You may even feel unsure if we should be there or not, but your doing your job. And doing it very well. I and most Americans are very proud of you and what you are doing for us. And very thankful for all you are giving up, just for us. Keep up the good work and keep the faith in America and its people. We do love you. You are there so my grandchild won’t have to some day. I keep you service people in my daily payers. God Bless You All.

  2. May God bless everone who has put themselves in harms way so that others may live in freedom.
    Know that you are being prayed for here at home, my church has added all of you to our prayer chain and we pray together daily for your safe return and that you may complete your tasks over there.
    We pray that your time away from home is short and that you return to your loved ones soon. May God stand behind us in this battle.
    Love from home.

  3. Angie– Because of security reasons, the military is suggesting that all contact be through email or through donations by a recognized group. As it stands (3/24/03), you cannot send a letter to service personnel.

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  5. I teach Kindergarten and our class would like to make and send a thank-you book to our troops. We need an address.
    Can you help us?

  6. I don’t know the answer to this question. There must be a way to get your book sent overseas, but I think you are probably going to need to donate the book (unwrapped/unpackaged) to a group that is authorized to ship packages to servicemen in the theatre of operations. The USO care packages immediately come to mind (weblink), especially from school children.

    The only direct advice I can find says that mail to service members has to go to a specific soldier (versus the “Any Service Member” programs of years ago).

    Here’s the info from the Marines’ site: http://www.usmc-mccs.org/news/deploy/supporttroops.asp

  7. melissa dierig

    I would like to e-mail my support message to the troops in the gulf. I also have a family memeber serving in the Air Force is there a e-mail for them that I can post a supporting message? Thank you

  8. Melissa – You can definitely post a message to any branch of the military via the AnyServiceMember link above (link). You can select the branch and a service member stationed overseas will receive it shortly.


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  11. My cousin is in the army. He will soon be in Afghanistan. I would like to know how I can reach by email an army service person. I see email contact lists for the navy and marines.

  12. Beth – You can send to any branch of the military using the Link above. Just click “SEND A MESSAGE” and select the service branch. You can send an email to Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, or Coast Guard personnel. If you can’t find the “send message” link, click here.

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