Isn’t this a fine mess…

I can’t begin to explain the number of ways that this is just wrong:

Tobacco Company Buys Rights to Cancer Vaccine

I guess if the tobacco company has a vaccine for lung cancer, it will put out of business, huh? Here’s another site that shows the greatness of the internet (and no snide remarks from you web-snobs, this one’s from PBS and has maps!): Would you survive a nuclear bomb?

On a lighter note, things are going pretty well here on the homefront. My sister-in-law is celebrating her birthday today (email her). Congrats, Jen. Merrin is working tonight. It’s the first weeknight she’s worked in eons (I can’t begin to tell you how nice that is!) The net effect, however, is that I am fending for myself for dinner. Hmmm, I wonder if Jen has any cake leftover??