What’s New Today

Lots of storms last night. The weather started getting rough and our tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of our fearless crew…no, wait — that’s Gilligan’s Island. We had a lot of wind and lightning, but no damage. I think the extra rain did us well.

Golf was a little cool this morning. Seems like winter can be too far away. Played pretty well but ended up giving away some money to my half-wit brother-in-law. Sometimes I get a little frustrated with myself and before I know it, I’ve played 2 more holes without even knowing it. I’ve got to improve on my mental approach. (Boy, that could apply to a lot of things! HA!)

Merrin is doing well. She is getting her store ready for the holidays. I think they are expecting a mild holiday season, but everyone is hoping for a big Christmas. We still do not have our plans nailed down, but Florida stands to be a big player in “Christmas Vacation”.

That’s all I got for now. I’m goofing on the internet, so I might post more later!